Child Of Grace
Faith Declaration

    It was at the age of five that I began to consciously hear the Lord's voice and received Jesus as my Lord and Savior. As I grew, I began to realize that there were times that I would 'know things before they happened'. Needless to say, others were not as enthusiastic about this as I  and chalked most of what was going on in my life to daydreaming or fantasizing! 

    At the age of 12, a sense of destiny and purpose began to beckon me to the work of the ministry as I was stirred deep within my heart by the Lord's Spirit. It was at this same age that I had  two visions concerning the DAY that we are now in! I tried to share these visions with others only to find rebuke and verbal chastisement. I was told that visions are not of God and that God no longer speaks with man.  I was heart broken and discouraged. Life was difficult and I needed to know that God would be there for me and that the communication that I had with Him was not just a figment of my imagination. Then through a series of events that were traumatic for me as I entered into my mid-teenage years, and due to my ignorance and immaturity, I turned away from the Lord and sad to say, 'did my thing' until I was 36. 

     Yet deep within my heart there was a fire that continued to burn and how I longed to KNOW once again and hear His voice. At age 36, what was to be a routine kidney scan resulted in respiratory and cardiac arrest and a series of events took place that would forever change my life.  Truly God's hand of grace was upon me and I was brought back to life and set upon a road to fulfill my call in Christ.  Immediately I began to immerse myself in the Word and prayer and I began to taste again of.that sweet fellowship and communion with the Lord. As I hearkened to the voice of the Lord, He lead me through the scriptures and began to unfold the mysteries of the kingdom to my heart.  I was determined in my heart that MAN would not side track me again or fill my head full of religious traditions that 'make the word of God of none effect'.  In my youth, I was continuously discouraged, mocked, and laughed at concerning "walking and talking with God". As I look back, I can clearly see that the Hand of the Lord was upon me, restraining me from the religious mindsets, traditions and teachings of men by removing me out of their midst.

At age 38, I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit which again was a pivotal point in my life. It was an experience that so enriched my life and released within me more understanding concerning His love and abounding grace. Over the years, I have watched the power of the finished work of Calvary transform lives and begin to impact a generation of people.  Truly, TRUTH is being established in our midst and we are the generation that shall come into the full understanding of RIGHTEOUSNESS and the FINISHED WORK!  HIS NATURE shall be RELEASED in OUR MIDST and we shall truly be "kings and priests unto our God".

Systematically, the Lord began to network me with other ministries across the land who would also have a profound impact upon my life and ministry. Pastor Jimmy Carrier of Fellowship West in Hueytown, AL and Dr. Kluane Spake of Jubilee Ministries in Atlanta, GA are steadfast friends and mentors. Both of these ministries have provided accountability, teaching, protection, and encouragement. Words cannot express the mighty ways that God has used them in my life. I know that as a result, much is abounding to their account in return.

Although the Lord has opened many doors to minister in conferences, churches, and organizational meetings, my trip to Russia was most special to my heart. Love and compassion began to burn within my heart the moment the plane landed for the people of that country, and as time progressed we were all endeared and bonded to one another in the Spirit.  I had the privilege of teaching at a Bible School for Ministers for two weeks and today, we are continuing our communication via the internet and God is doing mighty things.

 My husband David and I live on Lookout Mountain in Gadsden, Alabama and we attend The Gospel Temple Church. God filled our home with 5 beautiful children and blessed us with 12 grandchildren.  Along with the power of the Holy Spirit, they have been a constant encouragement and blessing in my life. Our Father is so faithful and so good. Bless the Holy Name of Jesus!