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Tver Bible Class

There were MANY who attended the school, but only a few of their names were we able to translate into English...... Andrew & Lilia Danilov       Vlad & Olga CeCera       Anatoli Milehukou         Alexaidr Fedorenko         Andrei & Olga Chernouy    Vlad & Olga Sysiny          Lubou Malysheva            Nikolai Sankovich         Vladimir Krutouert           Natalia Korosenkova           Galina Ekimova               Tatiana Volkova               Zhanna Orekhova                Alita Strekalouskaya         Galina Trakhova               Karina Gasparian               Maria Gromova                  Larisa Slepova                   Katia Ivanova                  Natalia Parshakova          Oxana Smirnova         Nadezhda & Ivar Pinka   Arkadi & Svetlana Tarusiny  Larisa Kalininskaya           Tanya Shelanova                   and many others...................

Meet a few of the Pastors, ministers and their families who attended our Ministerial Bible School in Tver, Russia.  Each year in July, they journey from all over Russia (the Ukraine, Siberia, etc.) to the city of Tver for 2 weeks of intense study and training in the Word of God.  The Bible School is held annually to equip those called into the ministry for the work of the ministry. Some churches represented were less than 6 months old, while some others were over 5 years old.  They came with eager hearts to receive and be able to go back impart to their congregations as well as evangelize in their communities. The Lord moved in a mighty way by His Spirit through the release of giftings and anointings.  Since that time we have had a continuous response concerning the power of God made manifest in their midst and increase concerning converts and finances.  They are precious to our hearts and are full heartedly consecrated to what God has called them to do.  If you would like to become a part of our mission team or would like to help financially, please email us at thecupbearer@yahoo.com .