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Jesus would often withdraw from those around Him to be alone and communicate with His Father.  Paul told us to pray without ceasing and we believe that it is truly possible to do this. Prayer is one of the ways in which to communicate with our Lord while at the same time it is a powerful tool in spiritual warfare. We have developed this section as a help in the development of your prayer life and to help one to grow through the Word of God in particular areas of their life. The short prayer which we have formulated after the scriptures are simply to help you get started and are not the total prayer within themselves. We are not setting forth a new doctrine or tradition, quite the contrary. We do not presume to tell you how to pray, but this one thing that we know. The Word of God quick, powerful, and sharp. It will build our faith and enable us to become OVERCOMERS. There is a different passage of scripture given for each day to help you to reinforce the promises for God for your particular situation. Each subject area gives

you 21 scriptures, one to pray each day. Now of course there are more in the Bible and you can look them up and pray them also. After 21 days of talking to the Lord concerning a particular area, will give one a totally new perspective and help them to overcome the problem they are facing. Additionally, one will know their Lord in even a deeper way.

 Finally, Hebrew 11:6 declares "those that come unto God must believe that He IS, and that He IS a rewarder of them which diligently seek Him". Jesus declared, "whatsoever you ask of My Father in My Name, He will do it." Now may the grace and peace of God fill and sustain you both today and always. AMEN!

 Diligence is one of the most important keys to victory. One must be willing to press in until they have victory.