What is prophecy? Who is to prophesy? Is it right to seek prophecy? Since we have the Bible for guidance, do we really need prophecy today? How do the prophetic gifts and ministries function in the local church? Why do we need prophets if all God's people are able to hear His voice? Can a true prophet miss a prediction? How can we recognize counterfeit gifts of the Spirit?

These are just a few of the common questions being asked in the church today. If the church does not provide biblical answers, we can be sure the vacuum created by ignorance will be filled with deceptions. If you refuse to settle for less than all God has for you… If you won't be intimidated by those who claim that God doesn't still speak today. This book will answer your questions and challenge you to know God and hear from Him as you never have before!

VOLUME I & II - The book of Ephesians is the most clear and expansive message found in the Bible concerning the glorious purpose of the church. Paul's Epistle to the Ephesians is considered by many to be the most extraordinary, interesting, and powerful book in the Bible. This verse by verse examination of this powerful Epistle is a wake up call for those who will lead a coming revolution and walk in all of the power and glory that the church is called to be.

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There is no quest of the human soul as exciting, as exalted, or as fulfilling as the true Christian life. It is the most lofty purpose, and the essence of what man was created for. These fifty-day devotionals are maps to assist you on the glorious journey to the ultimate accomplishment that can be attained in this life – fulfilling your purpose in Christ.





Ten minutes a day can change your world. This daily devotional is designed to open the eyes of our hearts to see clearly the realities of the spiritual realm, and be united with the heart of God.

As vision is essential for all truly significant accomplishments, so spiritual vision is essential for all spiritual accomplishments. Because man was created to have fellowship with God who is Spirit, and who is supernatural, there is a spiritual void in man that yearns for the spiritual, supernatural realm. Those who do not fill that void with the truth are becoming increasingly subject to the false.

Leadership and creativity are two of the most powerful forces on earth. Together they have dictated the course of history. They can be used for good or evil, creating a wide swath across the human landscape. This book is a study of these two forces using interesting, real life examples. It is also a simple, straightforward course on how you can develop leadership and creativity in your own life.