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John Paul Jackson has been at the forefront of prophetic ministry for more than 20 years. He served as senior pastor of two churches and he has also served on the pastoral staff at the Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Anaheim, California (with John Wimber) and at Metro Christian Fellowship in Kansas City, Missouri (with Mike Bickle).

In 1997, John Paul established Streams Music Group (SMG) that is dedicated to proliferating prophetic worship around the globe. Streams Music Group seeks to encourage worshippers of all cultures to sing and play the song of the Lord. Stream Music Group also, has established a record label and seeks to produce, promote and distribute talented worshiper and skilled musicians world wide.



pI AM (365 Name of God) is a whole new worship experience.  The combination of John Paul Jackson and Grahm Ord is extraordinary!

The Breath of I Am CD is a must have instrumental CD for your collection. Simply hearing this inundating experience in worship is evoking acute spiritual and emotional responses that are releasing new levels of power and light.






A Healing Journey with John Paul Jackson

The Fulness of Healing is a 3 Volume Set with a total of 8 CD's.  The volumes can be purchased separately and are complete in the area of healing for which they are designed.  However, all are necessary for the complete teaching and study.  This series will take you on a true healing journey into the scriptures and the heart of God.  It is faith building and power packed - a must for every believer & those who desire to teach on this subject.


Fullness of Healing - Vol. 1 (3 CD's)  $34.95 


Fullness of Healing - Vol. 2 (3 CD's)  $34.95 


Fullness of Healing - Vol. 3 (2 CD's)  $25.95 


Fullness of Healing, Vol. I  -  3 CDs Fullness of Healing, Vol. II -  3 CDs Fullness of Healing, Vol. III - 2 CDs  Communion Effect
Series -  3 CDs


Audio - 3 CD Set

This healing series will take you deep into God's heart concerning healing.

What's holding you back from experiencing the healing you hope for?

·Establish a firm understanding of how you can be healed, and bring healing to others.

·Learn how healing reveals the expansion of God's Kingdom and the violent dismantling of the kingdom of darkness.

·Learn how sin is not always the reason for illness and disease.

·Learn how to make the transition from hope to expectation. As you take action, expect to see healing in your life, in the people around you, and even in your environment!

Through this powerful teaching, hope and expectation merge to produce faith, and combining faith with revelation leads to action—you will see healing! 


Audio - 3 CD Set     $34.95
God's Strategy For Advancing His Kingdom Through Healing

In the Bible, healings, miracles, signs, and wonders were God's justice coming to play in people's lives. Nothing's changed.

  • Discover five reasons why God heals that you never knew before.
  • Understand the vital role healing plays in restoring the full glory of God back to the earth.
  • Realize that your healing brings God glory-He wants to prove His existence by healing you.
  • Get rid of the scarcity mentality! God is more than enough to provide everything you need.
  • Encounter the God who is everything He ever was and way more than we understand.
  • Soak up an impartation of healing anointing.

God's view of healing is beyond what the Church has thought possible. This series is designed to resurrect and restore your faith that God does-and will-manifest Himself in great power in our lives.


Audio: 2-CD Set
Divine Healing Series

This is the most recent release in the Divine Healing Series...

The Final Volume in John Paul Jackson's Three-Volume Fullness of Healing: God's Strategy for Defending His Creation

God will defend His creation! His just actions not only heal, but He will make whole.

  • Heal those around you with the power of the Spirit that already resides in you.
  • Bring the awe of God to the world by showing His power through healing, signs, and wonders.
  • Be set free of cultural biases that give darkness authority in your life.

Healing is God's desire to defend His creation. Healing is God's love and compassion for His creation. Healing is God's desire to restore His original relationship with man.  Healing and divine health is God's will for our lives.


11 CD Series includes Volumes I, II,  III, and THE COMMUNION EFFECT!

Uncover the hidden treasures found in Isaiah 53 and see how they impact everything you ever thought about communion!

· Discover that salvation and healing are for our whole self—spirit, soul, and body.

· Learn how you can be healed of every kind of disease, deformity, and torment.

In this dynamic teaching, John Paul Jackson examines the magnitude of partaking in the sacrament of communion and the miraculous benefits provided by Jesus. You will be challenged to live these blessings, all of which we can receive by faith.

On the third CD, hear about the passion of Christ—with details most have overlooked. Listen as John Paul clearly explains the sequence of events from Jesus' final sleep through His resurrection, revealing previously hidden mysteries.