Child Of Grace
Faith Declaration

1. We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that He died for our sins and that on the third day He was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father and that He is still alive today.

2. We believe that Jesus was the final sacrifice for all and that the Cross of Calvary wrought a perfect, finished work sealed with grace for the reconciliation of man back to God, his Creator.

3. We believe that one must be born again (begotten from above, i.e. born of the Holy Spirit) to enter the Kingdom of God.

4. We believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire with the evidence of speaking with other tongues and anointed living.  That with the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the believer receives not only the giftings of the Holy Spirit but the fruit of the Holy Spirit as well.

5. We believe that our lives were purposed and fashioned in the heart of the Father before we were ever in our mother's womb and that once we become the children of God that we become a people with destiny and purpose.

6. We believe that Christ is to be revealed in us; that as children of God we are kings and priests unto God the Father, that we are a holy nation, and have been commissioned to continue the work of Jesus by establishing the kingdom of God in the earth.

7. We believe that as joint heirs of Christ Jesus, that our inheritance has been established and sealed through His finished work and that our inheritance is both now and forever.

8. We believe in the manifestation of the sons of God with Christ as the head in the earth; to wit the kingdom shall be delivered unto the Father that God shall be all in all.

9. We believe in the restoration of the five fold ministry to the church for the purposes stated Ephesians 4:11-16, and that the work of the ministry has been given to the entire body of Christ.

10. We believe in the Trinity; God the Father, God the Son (Jesus) and God the Holy Spirit, that the three are one.